A-4 Skyhawk

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A-4 Skyhawk Profile Prints


The A-4 Skyhawk was designed by Ed Heinemann of the Douglas Aircraft Corporation (later McDonnell Douglas) for use by the US Navy and Marine Corps.  Delivery of the first aircraft occurred in 1956.  Over its life, nearly 3,000 were built.  The A-4 played a vital role in the Vietnam War, and was flown by such notable pilots as Senator John McCain, and VADM William Stockdale.  The tough, agile, easily maintained aircraft was well-loved by its pilots and crews.  The low price made them a favorite of tax-payers, also!  The A-4 was flown from both carriers and land bases.  By 1967, the Navy had retired their A-4's, but they remained in use by the Marines through the mid-80's.  They were used to simulate the fiying characteristics of  MIG-17's in combat training through 1999.  They were featured as the aircraft flown by instructors Viper and Jester in the movie "Top Gun." 


There are 7 variants of the A-4 that were flown by a wide variety of Navy and Marine Corps squadron types in the 30+ year life of this versatile aircraft.  Use the drop down lists below to select the aircraft you flew or maintained, and add as much information on your individual bird as possible to make your drawing really unique.


When ordering, you can request that we add up to 3 lines of personalization to your drawing.  This typically includes your name and rank, years with the squadron, then either your call sign or job function.  The choice is yours, use one line or all three.

A-4 Skyhawk Profile Drawing Prints by George Bieda

George Bieda has produced drawings of many of the A-4 models.  Pictured below are several examples of his work.


Profile drawing of an A-4C of VMA 214 Black Sheep by George Bieda Profile drawing of an A-43 of VA 155 Silver Foxes by George Bieda Profile drawing of an A-4F of VA-164 Ghost Riders by George Bieda Profile drawing of a TA-4J of VT-7 Eagles by George Bieda
A-4C of VMA-214
Black Sheep
A-4E of VA-155
Silver Foxes
A-4F of VA-164
Ghost Riders
TA-4J of VT-7
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A-4 Skyhawk Profile Drawings by George Bieda
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Mads Bangso has taken a sabbatical from profile drawings as of 1 JUN 2012.  We are continuing to display his previous work below because of our visitors' interest in his detailed renderings.  We have a number of these works on file, so if you have an interest in one, contact us by phone (toll-free 888-465-5389) or email (marketing@usmilitaryart.com) to check on availability.

A-4C of VA-93
Blue Blazers
"In Flight"
TA-4J of VA-127
"On the Cat"
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