A-6 Intruder Profile Drawings

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Grumman A-6 Intruder Profile Drawing Prints

The first Grumman A-6 Intruder entered service with the U.S. Navy in 1963.  These were twin jet attack aircraft designed as all weather replacements for the piston-engine powered A-1 Skyraider.  The crew of the Intruder included both a pilot and bombardier/navigator.  The aircraft's all-weather capability, long range, and heavy payload made it an invalulable weapon of the Vietnam War, during which 84 aircraft were lost.  A-6 Intruder variants (A-6A, A-6B, A-6C, and A-6E), which included the tanker version, designated the KA-6D, saw service until 1997, when their mission was taken over by LANTIRN-equipped F-14 Tomcats, and later F/A 18 E/F Super HornetsIntruders were flown by both US Navy and USMC squadrons.

A-6 Intruder Profile Drawing Prints by George Bieda

George Bieda has drawn A-6 Intruders from most squadrons.  Shown below are 3 examples of his work.  Click on any of the images for a larger view, then click your browser's BACK button to return here and place your order.
Profile drawing of a Grumman A-6A Intruder of VMA(AW)-242 Batmen by George Bieda Profile drawing of a Grumman A-6C Intruder of VA-34 Blue Blasters by George Bieda Profile drawing of a Grumman A-6E Intruder of VA-75 Sunday Punchers by George Bieda
A-6A Intruder of VMA(AW)-242 Batmen A-6C of VA-34 Blue Blasters A-6E of VA-75 Sunday Punchers

It is possible to add a high degree of personalization to your profile drawing.  When composing your drawing, Mr. Bieda will add a specific aircraft number, BUNO, carrier, and airwing.  We can also add up to 3 lines of personalization (as shown in the sample image on the far right).  There is no additional charge for these additions.  Specify the information below, or add it into the "Comments" section in the order form.

A-6 Intruder Profile Drawings by George E. Bieda
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Our references show that Grumman A-6 Intruders were flown by the following US Navy and US Marine Corps squadrons - VA-34 Blue Blasters, VA-35 Black Panthers,VA-36 Roadrunners, VA-42 Green Pawns, VA-42 Thunderbolts, VA-52 Knight Riders, VA-55 Warhorses, VA-65 Fighting Tigers, VA-75 Sunday Punchers, VA-85 Black Falcons, VA-95 Green Lizards, VA-115 Eagles, VA-128 Golden Intruders, VA-145 Swordsmen, VA-155 Silver Foxes, VA-165 Boomers, VA-176 Thunderbolts, VA-185 Nighthawks, VA-196 Main Battery, VA-205 Green Falcons, VA-304 Firebirds, VX-5 Vampires, VMA(AW)-121 Green Knights, VMA(AW)-202 Double Eagles, VMA(AW)-224 Bengals, VMA(AW)-225 Vikings, VMA(AW)-225 Vagabonds, VMA(AW)-242 Batmen, VMA(AW)-332 MoonLighters, VMA(AW)-533 Nighthawks, and the VMCJ-1 Playboys.

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