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Though they serve under the Dept. of Transportation in peacetime, who would dare forget the valiant men and women of the US Coast Guard?  Certainly not we at US Military Art .com.  (No, wait a minute, now the USCG falls under the Dept. of Homeland Security.  Time for some new reference books.)

We have profile drawings of just about everything the USCG drives or flies.  We've reorganized some of our pages to make it easier to find your ship or boat, and added many new pictures.  Use the navigation buttons on the left and take a look!

The Anchor Bay Division of Harbour Lights produces highly detailed ship replicas.  We are pleased to offer their US Coast Guard replicas here.  Click the Anchor Bay Models navigation button on the left to see our offerings!

"Catch of the Day" by William RaVell III

Catch of the Day by William RaVell IIIThe original painting upon which this print is based is a 16” x 20” acrylic on canvas. The subject matter, which is based on the artist’s long Coast Guard career, was his mental picture of a Coast Guard Boarding Team searching a trawler for illegal activities or cargo. The 25' Rigid Hull boat in the background transported the Boarding Team, while the boat in the foreground provides additional support if needed.  The original is faithfully reproduced on heavy-weight, acid-free, archival paper.  Click on the thumbnail image for a larger view, then click your browser's BACK button to return here.

"Catch of the Day"
by William RaVell III

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