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"Feet Wet" by Mads Bangso

Feet Wet by Mads BangsoHere's another great addition to our F-4 Phantom II gallery.  "Feet Wet" by Mads Bangso depicts a pair of F-4B Phantom IIs of the VF-213 Black Lions in the late 1960s as they turn "feet wet" over the coast of Vietnam. The aircraft are returning to USS Kitty Hawk on line at Yankee Station in the Gulf of Tonkin after another successful bombing mission.  Click on the thumbnail image for a larger view, then click your browser's BACK button to return here.

Initially done as a commission, this dramatic detailed work is now available to the general public as an open edition print.  The image size is 9" x 18" printed on an 11" x 20" sheet of heavy weight, acid-free, archival stock.

"Feet Wet" by Mads Bangso, 9" x 18" open edition print
Qty: Price: $40

"MiG Sweep" by Keith Ferris

Mig Sweep by Keith FerrisIn a McDonnell F-4C, Col. Robin Olds is about to roll opposite a North Vietnamese MiG-21's turn and split S into a missile-firing position for the first of his four MiG kills.

On 2 January 1967, Operation Bolo specifically targeted the 15 MiG-21s then serving the North Vietnamese.  A force of F-4 Phantoms masquerading as F-105 Thunderchiefs, normally used in the bombing roll, successfully drew the MiGs up to intercept.  The 8th Tactical Fighter Wing (TFW) F-4s shot down seven.

The painting documents the destruction of a MiG-21 by then 8th TFW Commander, Colonel Robin Olds.  The viewer can clearly see pilot and back-seater, both wing tips, nose and tail, all control inputs, the empty missile stations from a previous unsuccessful engagement, and the important detail of the F-105 electronic jamming pod carried for this mission.

The greater distances between opponents, characteristic of the modern jet air-to-air combat, are apparent as Robin uses the vertical, rolling opposite and inside the MiG's turn to gain firing position for the first of Robin's four Vietnam War victories.
  Click on the thumbnail image to see a larger view, then click your browser's BACK button to return here.  Each print is individually signed by acclaimed aviation artist Keith Ferris.

"MiG Sweep" by Keith Ferris, 19" x 24" Signed Open Edition Print
Qty: Price: $50

"Phantom Raiders" by Simon Atack

Phantom Raiders by Simon AtackThis is Simon Atack's powerful limited edition print depicting the high-speed, low-level attack by F-4 Phantoms of the 435th Tactical Fighter Squadron (the "Eagles") on the bridge near Viet Tri on May 24, 1967.  Simon brilliantly captures the hair-raising moment as the F-4U Ol' Eagle Eye hurtles from the attack area, the air filled with shell bursts, tracers, smoke, and explosions, creating terror among the bridge's defenders.

Each print is signed by renowned fighter ace Brigadier General Robin Olds, who after scoring 24 victories during World War II, achieved another 4 flying the Phantom in Vietnam!  Click on the thumbnail image for a larger view, then click your browser's BACK button to return here. 

Sorry, Folks, this one is Sold Out!!!

"21 Seconds To Splash 5" by Roy Grinnell

21 Seconds to Splash 5 by Roy GrinnellArtist of aces, Roy Grinnell provides a detailed depiction of Steve Ritchie's fifth victory over North Vietnam on August 28, 1972.  Click on the thumbnail image for a larger view, then click your browser's BACK button to return here.  All of these limited edition prints are signed by Vietnam War Ace Brigadier General Steve Ritchie.

"21 Seconds To Splash 5" by Roy Grinnell, Signed 24" x 30" Limited Edition Print
Qty: Price: $150
Print Type:

"Phantom Thunder" by William Phillips

Phantom Thunder by William PhillipsIn the grand tradition of his Thunder in the Canyon, Into the Throne Room of God and Those Last Critical Moments (all sold out at Publisher), William S. Phillips returns to the skies in his new release, Phantom Thunder.  From the thrill of lift-off to the extraordinary exhilaration of in-flight action, Bill is truly a master of the aviation art world.  Here, in his latest work, the artist presents us with an awe-inspiring panorama that pays tribute to a pair of American heroes.  Click on the thumbnail image for a larger view of Bill's amazing work, then click your browser's BACK button to return here.

“Flying through storm-tossed skies, Phantoms of VF-96, the Flying Falcons, return from a strike over North Vietnam,” Bill said.  “Aircraft #5800, ShowTime 100, was the ‘CAG bird’ flown by LT. Randy Cunningham and LT(JG) Willie Driscoll when, on May 10th, 1972, they downed three MiG-17s, added to their previous two, they became America’s first Vietnam aces.”

"Phantom Thunder" by William S. Phillips, 36" x 15" Signed & Numbered Ltd. Ed. Print
Qty: Price: $175

"Night of the Phantoms" by Robert Bailey

Night of the Phantoms by Robert BaileyMay 6th, 1966.  F-4 Phantoms form the USS Ranger (CVA-61) attack Hai Phong Harbor, North Vietnam.  In this extremely dramatic night action, US Navy Phantoms exit the target area at 400knots, having expended their 5-inch Zuni rocket packs.  Their efforts have paid off by destroying an anti-aircraft (AA) site, munitions storage facilities, and sinking two surface vessels.  Not a bad night!

Click on the thumbnail image for a larger view, then click your browser's BACK button to return here.  This brand new offering from Robert Bailey is slated for release October 28th, 2002.  Please select the print type when ordering, as there are several types.  Quantities are limited to first come, first serve.

"Night of the Phantoms" by Robert Bailey, 24" x 34"
Qty: Price: $95
Print Type:

"The Animal" by John Doughty, Jr.

the_animal.jpg (39058 bytes)Says the artist, John Doughty, Jr.,  "Low and fast over the jungle of Vietnam, an animal appears from the smoke, destroying anything in its path.  Click on the thumbnail for a larger view of this artwork by John R. Doughty Jr., then click on the BACK button on your browser to return here."

"This 'Animal' is 69-291, an F-4E Phantom from the 4th TPS, 366th TFW.  Flying on the deck to avoid SAM missiles and following his wingman down low on their bombing run, the pilot presses thru the smoke and debris from exploding bombs, while the RIO notices palm trees are exploding after being hit by the right wing.  This brute of an aircraft however, can handle the punishment and is ready to dish out more.  Aircraft 291, was flown by Captains Sam White and Frank Bettine of the 4th Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS), 366th Tactical Fighter Wing."

"The Animal" by John R. Doughty Jr., 38" x 24", Signed & Numbered Ltd. Ed. Print
Qty: Price: $149

"Olds Flight" by Roy Grinnell

Painted in detail by Roy Grinnell, this Phantom II streaks across the sky in Vietnam, a hunter in search of prey.  A brute in the air, the F-4 was also capable of incredibleOlds Flight by Roy Grinnell speed and maneuverability, especially in the capable hands of someone like renowned fighter ace Robin OldsClick on the thumbnail image for a larger view, then click your browser's BACK button return here.

Nearly Sold Out - Order Today!

"Olds Flight" by Roy Grinnell, Artist Proof
Qty: Price: $95


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