The F-4 Phantom II

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"Home is the Hunter" by William S. Phillips

home_is_the_hunter.jpg (32088 bytes)Silhouetted against the setting sun, the USS Constellation recovers an F-4 Phantom II.  An escort ship from the carrier battle group steams off the port bow.  The artist, William Phillips, relates that this storied warship was vital to the U.S. effort throughout the Vietnam conflict.  "In the summer of 1964," he says, "the 'Connie' took station off the coast of Vietnam with Air Wing Fourteen aboard.  She would be assigned to the area on seven separate occasions, her final deployment concluding with combat operations in August 1973.  On July 1st of that year, she and her crew were awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for extraordinary heroism in action during the 1971-72 crisis.  The Constellation and her proud crews still serve our country today."  Published from the artist's original oil painting. (Print image size: 33"w x 16 1/2"h. 550 signed by the artist and consecutively numbered).  Click on the thumbnail for a larger view, then click the Back button on your browser to return here.

As of 1 FEB 2012 , this print is Sold Out!

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