The HH/SH-60 Seahawk

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HH/SH-60 Seahawk Profile Drawing Prints by George Bieda

Profile drawing of an HH-60H Seahawk by George BiedaProfile drawing of an HH-60H Seahawk of the Black Knights squadron by George BiedaThe nautical version of the US Army's Blackhawk, this Seahawk on the left from anti-submarine squadron HS-2 ("The Golden Falcons") is shown in her HH-60H configuration.  The Seahawk on the right is also in the HH configuration, but she hails from HS-4 ("The Black Knights").  Pick a squadron using the pull down menu  when ordering.  Click on either thumbnail image to see a larger view.  Then click your browser's BACK button to return here.

Profile drawing of a US Coast Guard HH-60J Jayhawk from CGAS Sitka by George BiedaGeorge has created all the variants of the SH-60 airframe.  Shown here is the US Coast Guard's Jayhawk.  Click Here if you are interested in ordering a Jayhawk profile.  Be sure to select a print size and framing options when ordering!


HH/SH/UH-60 Profile Drawings by George E. Bieda

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