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Even with the large force reductions that came with the end of the Cold War, the US Navy remains  the most powerful in the world, and continues to protect US interests on a global stage.  With over 300 ships and 4,000 aircraft in active service, the navy entered the new century smaller and more focused.

The navigation buttons on the left will walk you through all the major surface combatants in the US Fleet.  A link to our unique search engine is at the top of each page, if you are looking for a particular ship or hull number, and can save you a few clicks.  We at US Military Art .com are just beginning to build our inventory, so visit us often to see what's new.

If you cannot find the particular ship you seek, browse through our artwork available for other ships in the same class.  Vessels from the same class are usually carbon copies of one another.  If we do not currently carry anything on the class, chances are something is in the works.  Our goal is to have something for everyone--no matter which ship you served on, from the largest carriers to the smallest frigates.

Please don't be shy about sending us some Feedback, if you have any suggestions or comments on how we might serve you better.  We can access artwork from multiple sources, so if you are looking for something we don't carry yet, submit a feedback form and we'll see if we can find what you need.

Don't miss our special edition commemorative prints.  We anticipate making this a series, with the first one being for the decommissioning of the USS Tarawa LHA 1 on 31 MAR 2009.



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