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"High Above the Blue" by Mark Karvon, Skylab - NASA's Orbital Space Station

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In "High Above the Blue," artist Mark Karvon portrays NASA's Skylab, which was launched into Earth orbit on 14 May 1973 atop the last flight of the Saturn 5 rocket.  Due to damage during launch, Skylab was initially uninhabitable, but the crew of the Skylab 2 mission effected repairs that corrected the launch-caused damage. Following crews to Skylab conducted experiments that increased our knowledge of solar physics, life science, and materials science.  A number of student designed experiments were also performed aboard.  Skylab made its fiery re-entry on 11 July 1979 and plunged primarily into the Indian Ocean, though some parts ended up in Australia.

All our prints are produced on high quality, commercial giclee equipment using inks with lightfastness ratings of over 100 years.  We print on heavy weight, acid-free, archival stock.  All the sizes of Mark's print are inspected and signed by the artist.





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